Healthcare Buildings

Acoustic design is fundamental to the quality of healthcare buildings.  A good acoustic environment, where intrusive noise is mitigated, where there are appropriate levels of privacy between spaces and where ambient noise is adequately controlled, results in better resting conditions for the patient, thereby supporting the healing process.

Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) 08-01: Acoustics recommends criteria for the design and establishment of an effective and safe acoustic environment within a healthcare building and, while meeting its criteria is not a statutory requirement, the majority of NHS Trusts will require an acoustic design strategy to be implemented that can achieve those criteria.  This is likely to require post construction testing to demonstrate compliance.

At Miller Goodall, we can help to guide your project through the design process, from the preparation of a strategic brief through development of detailed design proprosals to post construction testing.  Where BREEAM credits are being sought, we can also provide advice on achieving the credits available for acoustics.  We have worked on acoustic projects within several major hospitals, and our experience ensures we know exactly how to help you to achieve the best possible acoustic environment.

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