Noise Assessments

At Miller Goodall, our noise consultants have a proven track record of submitting noise assessments in support of many successful developments.   These noise assessments include proposals for housing developments, mixed use, commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects.  

A noise assessment is often used to show the effect of existing noise levels on a proposed development, or the effect of the proposed development on noise levels. Planning applications often have to be supported by a noise assessment.  Alternatively, one of the conditions of a planning consent may be that a noise assessment is submitted to the local authority. 

Noise assessments can include:

  • measurement of existing noise levels
  • prediction of noise from proposed operations
  • computer modelling of the development
  • specification of cost-effective mitigation to both the developer and local authority’s satisfaction where necessary.

We have a wealth of experience of using and working within the parameters of national and local guidelines and standards including:

  • Noise Policy Statement for England
  • BS8233 for residential developments
  • BS4142 for commercial and industrial developments
  • Calculation of Road Traffic Noise (CRTN)
  • Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB)

Two of our noise consultants have extensive experience working within local authorities as environmental health officers, and a local authority retained Miller Goodall for six years as its air quality and noise consultants.  This has given us unparalleled insight into local authority decision-making.  Additionally, two of our noise consultants have worked for large multidisciplinary companies.  All of this means that we tailor our service so that all efforts are focussed on the right areas - if it doesn't need to be done, we won't do it! 

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